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Elite Personal Trainer 

Over 25 years of expertise in the personal training and fitness industry, having personally trained hundreds of people both men and women, young and old, from beginner to advanced.  I specialize in weight loss, toning, bodybuilding, strength training, conditioning, and nutrition.

I provide 1 on 1 services locally here in the Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Cocount Creek, Boca Raton and other surrounding south Florida areas.

I also  provide both online training & virtual triaining (live video conferencing).


The Trainer of Trainers

I previously worked as Vice President to one of the nations largest health clubs for over a decade.  Overseeing all aspects of its personal training operations.  I have also operated my own personal training facility having hundreds of clients, until the location recently sold.  I have both hired & taught hundreds of personal trainers throughout my career.  Sadly, I have found that less than 10% of those claiming to be personal trainers are barely qualified to train even the most basic of clients.


Inadequate Certifications:

Many trainers get their so-called ‘certifications’ online.  Even the trainers with nationally accredited certifications do very little to earn them.  For a few hundred dollars they receive an instructional book or online access to an instructional book.  They study the book for a few weeks and then take a test either online or at a third party testing site.  Even if they get a low grade they still pass and get their ‘certification’.  Almost none of these courses actually test their students for form and technique; those that do are only able to test for 1 or 2 excercises body part.  Yet there are hundreds of exercises using barbells and dumbells and hundreds of more excercises using other types of equipment and machines.  I’ve watched accredited certification companies ‘attempting’ to teach proper form and techniqe to groups of 10 to 20 naive inexperienced students at a time.  What a joke!

Some of the worse interviews I’ve had have been with personal trainers who received their certifications from community colleges, vocational schools, and even the larger colleges and universities.

Dont be misled by degree’s.  I’ve interviewed hundreds of trainers with degrees in excercise science, excercise physiology, physical therapy, and the like.  Maybe they understand things like anatomy and Kinesiology (as every trainer should), but when it comes to application most of them know no more than trainers with only certifications.

The very best trainers are always going to be those who are not only properly educated, but also the most experienced. This is the main reason competitive bodybuilders make great trainers.  They understand from experience how to lose fat and build muscle (bodybuilding & toning are the same – see below).  In addition personal trainers need to be good teachers and motivators.  They also need to care!

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That’s me! Featured with Client in the Arizona Republic Newspaper (Phoenix, Arizona)

Toning versus Bodybuilding – Women versus Men:

Many people use the word ‘tone’.  Let’s clarify three things.  1) There is no such thing as toning fat.  You cannot tone fat!  The only way to get rid of fat is to burn it off.  We burn fat through a combination of proper nutrtion, proper cardioi exercise, and increasing lean muscle tissue – which speeds up  the metabolism.  This is  the process.   2) The process of toning muscle is the exact same process as building muscle.  3) These processes are the same for women as it is for men.  These are simply facts.  The faster a client realizes this, the faster we will see results.

This process of ‘toning’ is a process of both burning fat and buidling muscle (even if it’s just a small amount of muscle).  The process of bodybuilding is the exact same process – it’s a process of burning fat and building muscle.  You must build at least a little bit of muscle if you want to ‘tone’, not a lot of muscle but enough to acheive your goals.. This will also help to speed up your metabolism allowing you to burn more calories even at rest.
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Continuation of the news feature of yours truly with Client in the Arizona Republic Newspaper

(Phoenix, Arizona)