I have a few open time slots that I’m looking to fill and I expect them to fill fast with this very rare offer.  Call or Text 954-249-5000.

Specializing in:

  • weight loss
  • body shaping
  • toning
  • strength training
  • diet & nutrition
  • bodybuilding
  • form & technique
  • conditioning
  • overall fitness
  • general health & wellness
  • functional training
  • cross-fitness training
  • core training
  • endurance
  • motivation & support
  • online training
  • virtual training (live video conferencing)
  • in person training face-to-face (local)
  • group training

Client / Trainer Access:

Clients will gain personal access to me via text, email, social media, video-conferencing, and phone.


Putting the ‘Personal’ into Personal Training 

Every individual is unique and therefore has different needs.  This means both your exercise and eating programs should be designed specifically for you. I have hired hundreds of personal trainers throughout my career and unfortunately most so-called personal trainers provide all their clients with the exact same generic exercise, cardiovascular and nutritional programs.  This is especially true of nearly every online training program.  Additionally, our bodies were made to adapt – so even a pefectly designed program will stop working in 4 to 6 weeks leading to frustration.  This is when most people quit.

Change is Key!

The key to continuous results is to keep changing your program – preferrably before it stops working. This includes your excercise, cardiovascular and eating programs.  This is where both my expertise and personal attention comes into play.  Each of these programs will be personally will be tailored specifically for you and then modfied accorrdingly as needed.

Form & Technique

Another area of expertise is in form & technique.  In addition to the video library provided by this site, you will also have the ability to send me your own perosonal photos/videos which I will personally analyze and then provide the needed feedback to help you maximize results.  There is a difference between simply ‘lifting a weight’ and ‘working the muscle”.  There is a difference between ‘performing an excercise’ and ‘working the proper muscle, properly”.  Over 90% fail in this regard resulting in a lack of progress, lack of development, over-training, frustration and injury.


I am not simply a ‘personal trainer. I am a ‘teacher’.  What works for one person may not work for another.  A common mistake people make is trying to copy someone else’s excersie routine based on wanting to look like that person.  They’ll copy someone else’s exercises,, rep ranges, frequency, volume, and etc.  But everyone’s body is different with different types of muscle fibers, different muscle insertions, different muscle shapes, different recovery rates, and different hormone levels.  While you will never change your genetics, but we can work within your body type, maximizing your genetics with the properly designed program.

In time you will learn how to design your own program, when to change your program, and what to change your program to.


Some clients need nurtured while other clients need pushed.  Some clients need both while others need something in between.  I am ‘hands on’ in my approach and very detailed.  Likewise, I expect my clients to be diligent in applying what they are being taught and trying their very best to stick with whatever nutritional program we agree upon.  Together, we will reach your goals!

*Individual results may vary