Virtual Personal Training


-Virtual Personal Training Program: Live Video Conferencing –

Connect with me from anywhere in the world.

vr 222

What’s needed:

  • Online video access to Skype via:
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Laptop

Program includes:

  • Personalized exercise routine taking into account the equipment you have access to (free instructional videos included)
  • Personalized cardiovascular program
  • Personalized nutritional program based on your macronutrient needs (calories/proteins/fats/carbohydtrates/fluids)
  • Each of the above 3 areas will be modified or changed every 4 weeks as needed.  Without being changed your body will stop seeing progress.
  • Access your workouts anytime, anywhere using our mobile app
  • Enter stats, track your progress and follow workouts with instructional videos on your smartphone or computer
  • Free Video Analyzation:  Send me videos of you performing various exercises and we will work to correct your form and technique, teaching you how to properly work the proper muscles rather than simply moving weights.  This alone can increase your results by tenfold, and lower your risk for injury.
  •  Free Photo Analyzation:  Sending me photos of your progress will allow me to better assess how to modify your program.
  • Access to me via text, email, social media, and phone.


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